A qualitative study on technology and its effects

A possible reason for the lack of large school effects in quantitative research is the failure of such research to capitalize on an insight from qualitative research: the central importance of the classroom practices of teachers. Research article open access multidisciplinary teams and ict: a qualitative study exploring the use of technology and its impact on multidisciplinary team meetings. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of technology interventions on student achievement in rural schools with a focus on a rural community in the developing country of nigeria. Therefore, the study is limited to the male at-risk students in the study, in the technology education program in which the study was conducted in addition, the subjects were not randomly selected, so they were not representative of the class. Technology and its effect on motivation and retention 5 evidence that the use of technology increases achievement and self-efficacy (liu, hsieh, cho, and schallert, 2006), but some studies indicate that the use of technology in certain areas is not beneficial to.

The findings of this paper are broken into three categories: (1) positive effects of digital technology (2) negative effects of digital technology (3) and, best practices with digital technology one of the positive effects of digital technology is in education (and its potential future) as well as in igeneration youths' ability to create content. Quantitative studies of technology use in schools do provide an overview (hadley & sheingold, 1993 russell, bebell, o'dwyer, & o'connor, 2003 warren, dondlinger, & barab, 2008 waxman, connell, & gray, 2002), they are deficient in providing a contextual understanding of teachers' use of technology that qualitative methodologies afford. In a study investigating the effects of peer delivered self-monitoring strategies on middle school students with significant disabilities, results showed an increase in percentages of occurrence across eleven identified academic survival skills for all students (gilberts, agran. Technology in society is an international journal devoted to the global discourse at the intersection of technological change and the social, economic, business and philosophical transformation of the world around around us.

This deductive approach to research considers a potential cause of something and hopes to verify its effect since the phrase cause and effect is part of nearly every child's history of parental lectures, we are all familiar with the concept. The purpose of this study was to determine if differentiated instruction had an effect on student achievement the researcher sought to answer two research questions does. Loading sending searching.

Of the impact of modern technology on the educational attainment of adolescents the purpose was to examine the relationship between adolescent usage of computers and academic performance within the qualitative research the case study design was adopted interviews and focus group discussions were the primary tools used to gather data. Qualitative research and case study applications in education: revised and expanded from case study research in education leon festinger, henry riecken and stanley schachter (1964) when prophecy fails: a social and psychological study of a modern group that predicted the destruction of the world. This 4-year study uses a sequential mixed-methods design, beginning with a quantitative survey followed by a two-part qualitative phase survey results from aim 1 will provide a detailed assessment of health information and communication technologies in use and help identify sites with variation in health information and communication technologies for the qualitative phase of the study.

A qualitative study on technology and its effects there are several reasons behind the reference made by educational experts upon the effects of technology upon the learning progress of the students based upon the implication of the said modern innovation based upon the quality of education fostered by the said element of educational advancement. The specific problem that was investigated in this qualitative exploratory case study was the impact of technology on the implementation and outcome of the army aviation's 2009 cultural change initiative. There are also qualitative studies in health care that base their research questions on the results of prior literature of quantitative studies on the subject16, 17 while the research questions in these studies were relatively precise, the method used was flexible. In the study on technology in education, quantitative research may rely on how much the students actually learned from being instructed by computer research instead of how effectively they grasped the steps in taking to do computer research. This research a triangulation method (quantitative, qualitative and descriptive) is employed in the investigation the instruments used in this study, in which 365 students participated, included questionnaires, interviews, checklists and.

A qualitative study on technology and its effects

The introduction of new information systems has many organizational, economic, and social effects it is generally accepted that the implementation of workflow systems (wfss) cannot be seen just as a technological activity however, although wfss has been an important technology for almost a decade. The use of new technology in qualitative research introduction to issue 3(2) of fqs graham r gibbs, susanne friese & wilma c mangabeira abstract: as society transforms and is transformed by new technology, so there are new ways in which qualitative researchers collect and analyse data and new forms of data to collect. Quantitative research design also tends to generate only proved or unproven results, with there being very little room for grey areas and uncertainty for the social sciences, education, anthropology and psychology, human nature is a lot more complex than just a simple yes or no response. In addition, only perceptions of the participants are examined in this study, while these results challenge teaching practices and the development of learning materials in future research it would be interesting to investigate the impact of such tablets on teaching and learning practices.

  • A paper about chip implantation in humans is an exciting and vital topic to evaluate, and since there are already some experiments being done in sweeden and elsewhere to see how efficient and successful this technology can be, you should have some current information to use for your research.
  • Qualitative case study methodology provides tools for researchers to study complex phenomena within their contexts when the approach is applied correctly, it becomes a valuable method for health science research to develop theory, evaluate programs, and develop interventions.

Three broad themes emerged: (1) methods for data collection and use by mdts, (2) the impact of technology on the mdt meeting environment, and (3) the impact of technology and information systems on clinical decision making. Important negative effects of such a technology this qualitative content analysis study explored the common usages of smart phone technology, its challenges, and benefits among iranian college students. Effects of technology on literacy skills and motivation 3 this project is an initial investigation into how technology affects one student's literacy learning and motivation in reading and writing.

a qualitative study on technology and its effects Presents the background of the study, specifies the problem, describes its significance, and presents a brief overview of the methodology used the chapter concludes by.
A qualitative study on technology and its effects
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