Lessons of the vietnam war

The vietnam war is generally understood as a manifestation of post-wwii cold war geopolitics, but lessons will examine it in the broader story of imperialism, post-colonialism, and emerging nationalism, as it played out in the complex history of vietnam. Lessons of the vietnam war - a 361 page text book on the vietnam war and the lessons learned lessons of the vietnam war the us war in vietnam was the longest and second most costly in us history. Increasingly one hears appeals to the lessons of indochina—generally if inaccurately referred to as the lessons of vietnam—in support of or in opposition to current foreign policy initiatives around the world. Two former members of congress and two vietnam war veterans discussed the topic, vietnam: lessons learned and lessons ignored the national archives and the us association of former. The vietnam war was a political nightmare if we had been allowed to do what we are trained to do, the vietnam war wouldn't have lasted as long as it did and wouldn't have cost as many lives as it did.

In september 1945 ho chi minh told a crowd in hanoi that vietnam was an independent nation but france wanted it back causing war a peter dewey- a military adviser from the us will become the first us causality of the vietnam war in september 1945. 4 the vietnam war: a national dilemma as well as the key events and lessons learned from the korean war are both strongly recom-mended to assist in the study and understanding of the vietnam war. Re lessons and hopes in vietnam, by john kerry, john mccain and bob kerrey (op-ed, may 24): to the lessons that we should learn from the vietnam war, i would add that we must never again.

Exclusive: at a key juncture of the vietnam war, the battle of hue shocked americans with scenes of brutal urban warfare, offering lessons that reverberate to the present, reflects don north in. Olbermann: lessons from the vietnam war keith olbermann responds to bush's comparison between vietnam and iraq below: x jump to text it is a shame and it is embarrassing to us all when president. The vietnam war, also known as the second indochina war, and also known in vietnam as resistance war against america or simply the american war, was a cold war-era proxy war that occurred in vietnam, laos, and cambodia from 1 november 1955 to the fall of saigon on 30 april 1975.

However, the vietnam war was too complicated to be won simply on the battleground vietnam's rough terrain posed a big challenge for us soldiers in their attempts to capture the viet cong the harsh weather and wildlife of the country also reduced the effectiveness of us troops. Monday's mtg: lessons of the vietnam war by davidg on november 9, 2017 fifty years ago 485,000 american troops were serving in vietnam, and in november, 1967, alone almost 500 died there (sources 1 2 . Beck index lessons of the vietnam war french colonial vietnam american vietnam war american lessons from vietnam this is a chapter in world peace efforts since gandhi, which is published as a book.

Lessons of the vietnam war

Learners examine images of vietnam war in this vietnam lesson, students watch a slide-show of photographs and documents from the era learners discuss the implications of the war and prepare to embark on a research project. The vietnam war was a conflict between communist north vietnam and south vietnam that began in 1955 however, the war took on a greater worldwide significance within the backdrop of the cold war between the united states and soviet union the united states involvement began as only sending military. America's efforts to define the lessons of vietnam started during the war, and have continued ever since, with no apparent progress toward consensus as the terrible climax of the war arrived in april and may 1975, it seemed a natural moment to capture these lessons as a guide to future policy.

The my lai massacre wj astore nick turse has a fine op-ed in the new york times, for america, life was cheap in vietnam in it he argues that for americans involved in the vietnam war, life was very cheap indeed - vietnamese lives, that is. Americans are increasingly willing to discuss vietnam and its lessons, even though there is still widespread disagreement on what those lessons should be in important ways, the nation continues to deal with the war in vietnam by avoiding it. Here are all my resources for teaching about the vietnam war i have put them in chronological order and the handouts go with the powerpoints provided. This month, burns and his longtime co-director lynn novick have elected to take on a much more touchy subject than the war between the states with their sprawling, ambitious new production for pbs, the vietnam war.

The tactics the viet cong and also the north vietnamese army employed, as well as the taliban and al qaeda and now isis, suggest an infinite war—and that's why you hope that lessons of vietnam. The war would continue for 30 more months, pushing and pulling a little north and a little south of the 38th parallel and nearly 22,000 more americans would die from 1951 to 1953. More than a generation ago in the vietnam war, viet cong guerillas and the north vietnamese army had a similar strategy: a war of attrition to outlast america's will to keep fighting.

lessons of the vietnam war The vietnam war and lessons of history by paul r pillar every generation has its own defining historical events that shape its attitudes toward current events. lessons of the vietnam war The vietnam war and lessons of history by paul r pillar every generation has its own defining historical events that shape its attitudes toward current events. lessons of the vietnam war The vietnam war and lessons of history by paul r pillar every generation has its own defining historical events that shape its attitudes toward current events.
Lessons of the vietnam war
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